Bella Grazian

May 16, 2019

November 2006 – May 16, 2019




  1. Gail Grazian says:

    Today we lost our sweet, sweet Bella. She was 13-1/2 years old and the longest living dog we’ve ever had. Although she had congenital heart disease and had slowed down this last year, she was really fine until last night. She died this morning in her little bed at home.

    She sailed, biked, enjoyed car rides and Halloween and traveled to all the festivals in the City with us. She loved Gina and Anthony and her family very much, especially the grandkids. “LaLa” just loved when the littles came over and gave her non-stop treats and walked (or pulled) her on her leash. Against our better judgment, we spoiled Bella this last year with table scraps and bed-sharing (since Aunt Joyce and Uncle Jeff started it when they babysat her), and we’re so glad we did!

    She loved her Noni and Nono (who watched her during all our vacations) and loved visiting Nana and Grandpa so she could show off all her tricks to their friends at Heritage Woods.

    It’s hard to say good-bye to someone we loved so much and who was so giving of unconditional love. She will be missed forever, but I know she’s pain-free in heaven with our Sudz and Duncan.

  2. Pam Paulsen says:

    We are so sorry for the loss of sweet Bella!
    I remember how she would jump on the back of the couch and lay on the floor and roll over so you can scratch your stomach when you would come to see her at your home!
    She was very blessed to have you guys adopt her
    I know she’s with your other puppies and Mollie over the rainbow bridge

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If it should be that I grow frail and weak,
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You will be sad, I understand,
but don’t let grief then stay your hand,
for this day, more than the rest,
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Would you want me to suffer? So,
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Take me where my needs they’ll tend,
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and hold me firm and speak to me,
until my eyes no longer see.

It is a kindness that you do to me,
although my tail it’s last has waved,
from pain and suffering I have been saved.

Do not grieve, it should be you,
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We’ve been so close, we two these years,
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